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What the hell RSS is ? (video tutorial)

youtube proxy


Why Bidvertiser is better than Adsense ?

Bidvertiser is better than Adsense because it provides option for making the ads open in new window in this way the visitors stays on the blog even after clicking the ads and the TOS of bidvertiser are also lenient as compared to adsense as You may already known that adsense does not allow us to to join traffic exchange programs like blogmad ,BlogSoldiers,etc . But there is a major draw back too that is Bidvertiser ads are not high paid as Adsense .So i would recommend all the new bloggers to join bidvertiser first use till you have good number of visitors to your blog(by joining traffic exchange programs like blogmad and BlogSoldiers)and then after that you can also join Adsense. This is what i will be doing.

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Yipeeeeeeee !!!

I am so happy bcos yesterday i was featured as "The Blog Of The Day" on My Blog Directory. and i received a lot of traffic on that day about 50 unique visitors ..
Thanks to http://www.myblogdirectory.net/ and to all my blog readers who helped me by visiting it through my link http://www.myblogdirectory.net/index.php?id=89398

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Make me Blog of the day

Please visit this awesome blog directory and make me blog of the day.

Submitting my blog to different blog directories

First of all i will be submitting my blog to different blog directories .
this will help me get some traffic and indexing in search engines

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